Confident Kids Fitness

Cardio circuit class designed for pre- to young teens featuring basic movements from self-defense, kickboxing, martial arts and other sports-related activity for exercise fun. Engages kids in healthy exercise while they gain self-confidence by learning how to use their voice for safety, stay safe from abuse, stop bullies and set healthy boundaries.   

Cardio Kickboxing Circuit

Adult class designed to get your heart pumping with kicks, punches, knee strikes and other basic martial arts movements in air and on heavy bags and hand targets. Circuit class to include TRX training, core and other resistance strength training.



Location:       RVA4Fitness 1811 Huguenot Rd #408 Midlothian

When:           1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, beginning October 1

Time:            Confident Kids Fitness 5:00-5:50 Cardio Kickboxing Circuit 6:00-6:50

Cost:             $10 per class or $50 for 6 classes (3 months)

RSVP:            804-912-0411




Non-martial arts classes